Do You See the Value of Augmented Analytics for Every User?

If you own an auto mechanics business, you know that tools and equipment are key to your business success. Without the right tools, your mechanics cannot perform routine tasks, test modern automobile computerized systems or serve customers. The same holds true for any other type of business. Your team needs the right tools and equipment to perform routine tasks and to analyze and solve problems.

Today, nearly every business is engaged in democratizing data and in improving data literacy and initiating digital transformation – all in hopes of improving business results and increasing the value of each team member. When you combine the skills and knowledge of a business professional with the right tools, the results are undeniable. Whether you are running an auto mechanics business, a financial services business, a manufacturing business, an eCommerce shop or a healthcare practice, analyzing the data you gather and using that data to make decisions is crucial to your success.

You have a lot of data hidden in databases, best-of-breed software apps, legacy systems, the Cloud, and other data repositories. When you bring that data together in an intuitive, integrated environment, and provide access to your business users, you allow them to apply their domain and industry knowledge to the data they gather and to use that combined knowledge and data to make recommendations, to change or adapt processes, to plan for training or equipment maintenance, to understand what resources to hire and when, where to open new locations, which customers to target with marketing and what type of message works best, etc.

To leverage all of that wonderful information, you need augmented analytics solutions that are easy enough for every team member to adopt and reports that are clear. You need built-in suggestions and recommendations that will guide the user to choose the right visualization techniques to clearly understand results for a particular type of data, and suggest the right algorithm or analytical techniques to predict and forecast results and to test theories and hypothesize. With the right tools, your business users do not need to be data scientists or business analysts. They just need to ask a question and they can instantly get the answers they need without the help of IT or data analysts.

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