Do You Know What Key Influencer Analytics Can Do For Your Business?

Target the Right Things with Key Influencer Analytics

What matters most in your business? Don’t say everything, because there is no way you can place strategic focus on every aspect of the business and, although all of your goals and objectives should be aligned, there are, in fact, a smaller number of things hidden within your business that will impact your success if they are not attended to and that will give you the most benefit if you spend a bit more time organizing and planning activities and business processes around these things.

But, how does a business find those few key items that can provide the most benefit?

One of the most frustrating things a business has to do is to find and analyze data in a way that is meaningful to the management team and the business users, so that they can consider the factors, variables and data that may affect the outcome of decisions. Without the ability to identify the right variables, the business is likely to measure and attend to the wrong things.

Key Influencer Analytics puts the power and clarity of targeted analytics in the hands of business users. Team members with average skills can leverage these tools with ease. A user can simply point to the dataset they want to analyze and the Key Influencer Analytics tool identifies the target and the influencers or predictors that will affect that target, along with its impact and it provides crucial metrics such as mean, outliers, and others and identifies relationship and distribution among variables. The solution will auto-suggest relationships and present distribution and impact using the most appropriate visualization. The solution includes interactive features that allow users to see and explore other combinations and impacts and can select target and predictors, and use them for models, reports or KPIs.

With this type of tool, team members can perform analytics and find key influencers on their own without the assistance of a data scientist or an IT team member, so their business processes and workflow will not be interrupted or delayed. Your business can find and address what matters most within the data, understand the impact and the interdependence of variables and target these variables with auto-suggestions that will result in timely and effective action and outcomes.

If you want to encourage your business users to employ data analytics and find those hidden aspects of your business that will reap the most benefit, explore the advantages of Key Influencer Analytics.