What’s the Benefit of Mobile BI?

Mobile BI is Convenient and Valuable

In this article, we will NOT discuss the benefits of analytics and business intelligence. If your business does not already understand the advantages analytics provides to the organization and to its users, there are plenty of other articles you might want to read to get up to speed. Here are a couple of white papers to get you started: ‘A Roadmap To ROI And User Adoption Of Augmented Analytics And BI Tools,’ and ‘Integrate Augmented Analytics And Digital Transformation To Achieve Continuous Business Improvement.’

With that said, let’s talk about the real purpose of this article, namely, to outline some of the benefits of taking your augmented analytics application on the road. Mobile BI may seem like a luxury, but in today’s mobile environment, it is more important than ever.

‘By implementing Mobile BI tools, you can add a competitive advantage.’

According to a recent study, Mobile BI is valued at nine billion dollars, and there are plenty of reasons for that success. Let’s look at some of the business and user benefits you can achieve if you implement a Mobile BI approach.

Mobile BI Puts Analytics in Your User’s Pocket

Reducing Rework – If your users are on the road, without access t crucial analytical data, it is easy to make the wrong decision. When they return to the office, there will be rework and backpedaling. Make the right decision, with the right information at your fingertips and move on to the next thing!

Decreasing Approval Times – Having access to the right information while on the road means that you can keep approval processes going. You don’t have to wait to get back to the office to review information and send an approval. You can quickly review the data and approve projects, milestones, and product, equipment and resource decisions.

Improving Collaboration – If all your users have access to mobile BI, you can improve collaboration and everyone will have the right, up-to-date information with which to make decisions and to discuss outcomes, results, issues and opportunities.

Optimizing Resources – Every business is short-handed. If you want to optimize your resources, you need to give your team members the right tools at the right time so they can do the job effectively and make the right decisions.

Improving Time to Decisions – Be more productive and make decisions more confidently and quickly. Mobile BI gives you the data you need to analyze issues and results and make the right decision, recommendation or suggestion.

Improving Overall Performance – Performance metrics must be objective. You can review results and make decisions that will provide a solid foundation to move forward.

Improving Revenue – The right tools allow you to build a strategy to improve revenue, to make fewer errors and to plan accurately so that you can achieve the results you forecast.

Providing a Competitive Advantage – By implementing Mobile BI tools you can add a competitive advantage. Your team will be more productive, you can get to market faster and more confidently and analyze data without delays. Your team can travel, visit clients and perform tasks on the road, in the office and in staff meetings – effectively and quickly.

‘According to a recent study, Mobile BI is valued at nine billion dollars, and there are plenty of reasons for that success.’

These are just some of the benefits of implementing a Mobile BI approach to analytics.

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