What’s So Special About Mobile BI?

Mobile BI is an Important Factor in Enterprise Analytics

Gartner says that, ‘90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency.’ If your business is considering the addition of business intelligence and augmented analytics solutions to democratize data, improve data literacy and encourage users to adopt analytics as part of their daily routine, there is ample reason to include Mobile Business Intelligence in your requirements planning.

‘Mobile BI tools that allow access on desktops, tablets, Android and iOS devices provide maximum flexibility and ensure user adoption and user satisfaction.’

You may wonder why it is necessary to make BI tools accessible on mobile devices. In this article, we will consider three of the many reasons mobile BI is an important addition to your analytics strategy.

Including Mobile BI in Analytics Requirements is Crucial

Fulfill User Expectations

When the enterprise considers new business software solutions and applications, it is wise to remember that employees and team members are also consumers. Today, every team member uses technology inside and outside of the organization. As consumers, team members are used to buying products, looking for information, making reservations and appointments, etc. When it comes to business applications, your business users will expect access to BI tools as and when they need them. Your organization may have provided augmented analytics and tools for desktops, but that doesn’t help a user when they are working out of the office, in a staff meeting or away from their desk and need access to crucial information. Mobile BI tools that allow access on desktops, tablets, Android and iOS devices provide maximum flexibility and ensure user adoption and user satisfaction.

Support Productivity Initiatives

Today’s businesses are challenged to do more with less and every organization strives to be more productive. Increasing access and selecting tools that are easy-to-use and encourage user adoption will ensure that the business user will leverage the solution your business selects and that they can be more productive. Whether they want to perform a quick task or look up information on a commuter train, in a hotel or working remotely, they will not have to postpone activities and tasks or wait until they get back to the office to complete the research and review and take action.

Encourage Collaboration and Team Effectiveness

Workflow and business processes are often delayed by lack of access to information or team members. The ability to leverage business intelligence and augmented analytics to prepare data, perform analytics and share the techniques and the results will encourage collaboration, create analytics champions and support the transition of business users to Citizen Data Scientists.

‘There are many reasons to include Mobile BI in your business requirements for a Business Intelligence and Augmented Analytics solution.’

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