Why is Mobile BI Crucial to Your Business Success?

Mobile BI and Augmented Analytics is Crucial to Your Team

Statista surveyed numerous vertical industries, including Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Retail, Software Technology, and Telecommunications and 31% to 61% of these industries identified mobile analytics as ‘very important’.

If your business is considering the implementation of augmented analytics or, if your business already has data analytics for business users and wishes to expand that capability to include mobile access, it is important to understand the relevance and importance of that decision and to use that information to support your technology decision.

‘Recent market and global trends have revealed the importance of providing dependable access to users working remotely, preparing and sharing information while outside the office.’

In this article, we discuss a few of the numerous reasons to consider mobile BI and analytics and how crucial this decision can be to your business competitive advantage and success.

Implement Mobile BI and Augmented Analytics

Optimize Technology Investment

When we think of optimizing technology, we must consider the return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) of all of our data repositories, including data warehouses, data hubs, best-of-breed solutions and legacy solutions. Integrating data from these various solutions and making that data available to business users means that you can optimize your infrastructure and technology investment by making this data more accessible and meaningful to your team. Adding a Mobile BI solution makes that integrated data accessible from anywhere, further leveraging the technology environment and ensuring optimal ROI and TCO.

Ensure Team Productivity

Recent market and global trends have revealed the importance of providing dependable access to users working remotely, preparing, and sharing information while outside the office and performing tasks when functioning as part of a virtual team. Business Intelligence Tools and augmented analytics may be available to these team members within the walls of the enterprise, but that democratized access becomes restrictive if the data is not available or if access is limited in a mobile environment. Team members must be able to function in a remote environment with secured, dependable access, so that they can share data, collaborate, make decisions, and achieve their goals.

Provide Seamless Access via iOS and Android

If the business can provide mobile augmented analytics via iOS or Android devices, tablets, smart phones, desktops, etc., it can extend the office environment and leveraging the technology environment with secured, seamless access. Today’s team members may be using personal devices or devices issued by the business. Whatever the case, access to data analytics via iOS and Android provides support for all users without forcing the user to choose among devices or limiting them to access from one type of device only.

Support Fact-Based Decisions and Accuracy

Perhaps the most important argument for mobile BI access is the support it offers to team members to ensure that each member can see and use data in a way that is meaningful to them, no matter where they are working, and use that data to make the right decision, adapt to the changing market or business environment and leverage sophisticated analytical tools to get answers quickly so they can spot trends, identify issues and opportunities and solve problems. Access to data in a remote environment assures that team members will not be forced to rely on guesswork or opinion simply because they happen to be out of the office and do not have the tools they need to do the job!

‘Mobile BI and analytics is crucial to your business competitive advantage and success.’

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