Increase the ROI and TCO of Tally ERP with Integrated Tally Mobile Analytics!

Integrated Tally Mobile Analytics Improves ROI and TCO

If you are considering, or have already purchased software, you probably faced the questions from your management team about return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO). No doubt, your team did their homework when the business acquired Tally® ERP software.

‘Out-of-the-Box analytics tools allow the user to leverage and optimize the existing technology in new ways.’

Gartner defines total cost of ownership as ‘a comprehensive assessment of information technology (IT) or other costs across enterprise boundaries over time.’ Forbes defines return on investment (ROI) as ‘…a metric used to understand the profitability of an investment. ROI compares how much you paid for an investment to how much you earned to evaluate its efficiency.’

On the surface, the calculations for TCO and ROI may seem simple.

TCO = Acquisition cost + Service/Maintenance cost – Salvage value

ROI = Net Income/Cost of Investment

But while these calculations provide a starting point for investment decisions, the impact of ROI and TCO on the team is something business users will live with every day. When it comes to the popular Tally solution, business managers, accountants and finance professionals have embraced and are using the various modules to support sales, manufacturing, accounting, finance, inventory, purchasing and other functions.

Your business can improve ROI and TCO for Tally by adding integrated augmented analytics. In this article we discuss how Tally Mobile Analytics can improve ROI and TCO for the business.

Improve Tally ERP ROI and TCO with Tally Mobile Analytics

User Adoption

While your users are probably used to Tally and leveraging the module(s) that are most suitable for their role, there are probably team members who don’t use the solution as often as you might like. They may feel it is restrictive and limited to data entry or simple reporting. If they ARE using it, they may not find all the information they need and therefore will not be champions of the software. There is a lot to like about Tally ERP and a lot of capabilities and functionality. By adding integrated augmented analytics with features and sophisticated analytics that are easy enough for the average business user, the team is more likely to adopt and get the most out of the Tally investment. Expanded capabilities for built-in reporting and analytics will allow users to provide more value to clients and colleagues and this is likely to encourage user adoption as it will support career visibility, etc.

Optimization of Technology

Optimizing your investment in software is always important. If you are able to make the most out of the tools by providing an overlay of analytics, the data that already resides in your software and data source is more readily accessible. Out-of-the-Box analytics tools allow the user to leverage and optimize the existing technology in new ways.

Optimization of Resources

Every business is short-handed today, and the expansion and growth of digital tools and processes has allowed business users to do more and to be more productive. Getting to the information quickly, without the assistance of IT or data scientists or business analysts allows the user to ask a question, get an answer, make a recommendation, share data and move on. The enterprise can offer tools to its team without the frustration of extensive training and complex, time-consuming search and analytical techniques, thereby improving productivity and making the organization more agile.

Mobile Access

Nearly every business today has remote workers and staff on the road, working out of a hotel room or in an airport. By providing mobile access to analytics and to the Tally ERP data, the organization can leverage its investment 24/7, without experiencing delays in workflow or output. Near real-time analytics and access to reports, tasks and data sharing allows the business to move faster and more precisely.

‘Your business can improve ROI and TCO for Tally by adding integrated augmented analytics.’

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