The Importance of Adding a Mobile BI App to an Augmented Analytics Strategy!

Improve Analytics User Adoption with Mobile BI App

Many businesses are considering, or have implemented, business intelligence and augmented analytics solutions. According to renowned technology research firm, Gartner, ‘80% of organizations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance.’ With this prediction in mind, the addition of business intelligence and augmented analytics to the organization workflow, business processes and technology infrastructure is a wise decision.

‘The addition of mobile capability will improve user adoption, support culture changes and extend the office environment for a more productive business and team foundation.’

In order to address the ‘modern approach’ Gartner describes, the business must include a mobile BI and augmented analytics app strategy. In this article, we discuss the importance of including a Mobile BI App in the organizational approach to business intelligence and advanced analytics.

Mobile BI and Augmented Analytics App Improves Productivity

Changing the Culture and Business Processes

With any data literacy and data democratization effort, the business MUST look at culture change. If it intends to encourage business users to transform to Citizen Data Scientist, it must look at all aspects of its culture, business processes and workflow, and to integrate data sources and make that information available at appropriate levels so that users can access and analyze data and IT and senior management can be assured of appropriate data governance. When the business implements a business intelligence and/or augmented analytics solution, it must consider the importance of adding the capabilities of a Mobile BI App so that users can access data from anywhere. By providing mobile augmented analytics, the business can enforce and enable the culture change and modernize its approach to data access and data sharing. Providing restrictive business intelligence or analytics solutions without mobile capability will further inhibit user adoption and act as a barrier to the culture change within teams.

Extending the Office Environment

Over the past decade, businesses have changed drastically and one of the greatest changes is the concept of a ‘team’ or ‘group’ working on a project, or toward a goal. In recent years, the idea of remote workers has grown exponentially, and teams spread across the country (or across countries) and geographic locations are now using software and technology to collaborate and share data. Users want to access data on the road, in a hotel room, while working at a client office or in an airport, and when it comes to analytics, that need is just as great. It is important to provide a solution that accommodates all types of devices from desktops and tablets to iOS and Android devices, so that the user can access data and analytics from anywhere on any device.

Improving User Adoption

When senior management teams announce a new initiative like the adoption of analytics, it is easy for team members to discount the commitment and to believe the new ‘flavor of the month’ will simply disappear and they will go back to the old way of doing things. The culture change we discussed in this article is a necessary component and the availability of the tools, and easy-to-use solutions that require little training is crucial. A mobile BI and augmented analytics app meets the expectations of users for intuitive tools – tools that are accessible as and when they need them, and with simple, powerful reporting and collaborative tools, the users will be encouraged and enabled and user adoption will improve.

There are many other important aspects of mobile BI and augmented analytics. Here, we have provided a few of the crucial considerations a business must include when it reviews its requirements and builds a strategy to implement business intelligence and analytics for business users. The addition of mobile capability will improve user adoption, support culture changes and extend the office environment for a more productive business and team foundation.

‘In order to take a ‘modern approach to BI and analytics, the business must include a mobile BI and augmented analytics app strategy.’

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