Enterprise Culture Change Assures Success of Citizen Data Scientist Initiatives!


Many businesses have embraced the Gartner prediction that transforms business users into Citizen Data Scientists to help organizations democratize analytics with simple tools that will improve the quality and timeliness of decisions. You can read white papers, industry articles and other publications that will support and articulate this approach to business flexibility, agility and success. But, if you do not embrace the culture change required to deploy this strategy across your enterprise, your Citizen Data Scientist initiative will not succeed.

Simply announcing this initiative is not enough. In order to make this work you must provide support, training and a patient approach to engaging users, managers, HR and all other team members. You must offer augmented analytics tools that are designed for business users and will not require extensive training to enable user adoption. You must reward the use of analytics in staff meetings, in user recommendations for changes to work processes, products, services or other things that affect business success. In other words, give your users and managers a reason to adopt and leverage these tools (a reason beyond the fact that it is the right thing to do for the business). Make it worth their while.

Courses that provide a foundation for Citizen Data Scientists will ensure an understanding of the new role of Citizen Data Scientist and how business users will now utilize analytics to do their job, how and when they will collaborate with data scientists, IT or business analysts, the types of analytical techniques they will use and the basics of how to leverage these techniques within the confines of the augmented analytics solution you provide.

Without the right augmented analytics tool and the support of the organization, without a shift in the culture to encourage the use of analytics across all roles, a Citizen Data Scientist initiative cannot succeed!

If your business wishes to get started on the Citizen Data Scientist journey, it can find the tools and support it needs here: Online Citizen Data Scientist Training, Workshops, Augmented Analytics Designed For Business Users.