Identify Citizen Data Scientists and Provide the Support They Need to Succeed!

When your business decides to begin a Citizen Data Scientist initiative, it faces numerous challenges but the resulting benefits the enterprise will reap from this program are undeniable. With the right preparation, every business can successfully enable this type of initiative and provide augmented analytics to improve collaboration, data literacy and digital transformation in the organization.

Citizen Data Scientist tools must be easy enough for business users to adopt and use on a daily basis for analysis and fact-based decision-making. While the right analytical tool should be easy to use with auto-suggestions and guidance to help the user get the most out of the data, the organization should allow for program champions and power user access so that users can get some guidance if they need it to get started and to gain confidence.

Businesses should consider simple, Citizen Data Scientist learning programs like this one: Citizen Data Scientist eLearning. This type of course material will introduce the relevant concepts, discuss changing roles and collaboration and cover basic analytical techniques and the application of these techniques within self-serve Augmented Analytics solutions. This type of training allows organizations to identify Citizen Data Scientist candidates and provide them with a simple, timely course to give them the confidence to participate in and support the initiative.

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