Augmented Analytics Tools Designed to Support the Future!

As one of its Strategic Assumptions, Gartner predicted that ‘By 2020, more than 40% of data science tasks will be automated, resulting in increased productivity and broader usage by citizen data scientists.’ Gartner also predicts that the number of Citizen Data Scientists will grow five times faster than the number of expert data scientists through 2020, and that by 2019 the amount of advanced analytics produced by citizen data scientists will surpass that produced by data scientists.

So, what does that mean? What it means, among other things, is that businesses that invest in and deploy Augmented Analytics within the enterprise will increase productivity and enable the transformation of business users to Citizen Data Scientists so as to engender and empower the organization at large and each user individually.

Augmented Analytics is designed to encourage user empowerment and user adoption. It enables data sharing and allows the organization to produce fast, dependable insights and improve the value of business analysis across the enterprise, democratizing the use of Advanced Analytics and augmented predictive tools among business users. If your organization wishes to leverage augmented analytics, it should look to packages that allow for sophisticated function and features in a simple, intuitive environment so that users can theorize, hypothesize and prototype without risking business results.

Look for Self-Serve Data Preparation, Smart Data Visualization, and Assisted Predictive Modeling.

If you want to create an environment with a culture and processes that are designed to support analytics today and in the future for business users and for the entire organization: Augmented Analytics.