Want to Succeed with Citizen Data Scientists? Choose Simple Augmented Analytics!

Gartner has placed an increased focus on augmented analytics and solutions that support data democratization and business user transformation to the Citizen Data Scientist role. It predicts that those organizations that engage in Citizen Data Scientist initiatives will outperform businesses that do not take this approach and they will be more competitive and better prepared, by increasing productivity, optimizing resources and making better decisions. As your business competitors embrace this evolution, your organization must seriously commit to the Citizen Data Scientist concept and to the Augmented Analytics solution approach that will support the Citizen Data Scientist.

The Citizen Data Scientist approach is crucial to sustained competitive advantage and to nurturing human resource assets, improving productivity and making the right decisions at the right time. Businesses and users can get ahead of the curve in the market and enable true collaboration.

Augmented analytics allows your business users to quickly find answers and solve problems and to identify opportunities. You can untangle quality and maintenance issues, refine customer targeting and marketing optimization, make appropriate financial investment decisions, and even use external data to analyze trends and patterns and make forecasts and predications. If the business intends to innovate and create an agile environment in which it can move quickly and remain competitive, it must move with precision and focus to create an environment in which Citizen Data Scientists can thrive and provide tools that will be easy for them to adopt and to use for collaboration.

If your business is planning to implement a Citizen Data Scientist initiative, it is important to select an Augmented Analytics software suite that will encourage data literacy and support digital transformation and your business users as they transition into Citizen Data Scientists.  Contact Us today to get started, and explore our bonus content here: Before You Deploy a Citizen Data Scientist Initiative, Understand What That Means.’