Integrate Augmented Analytics as a Foundation for Digital Transformation!

Digital Transformation (Dx) is achieved when an organization plans and exploits digital technologies, workflow and processes, and its core capabilities and skills with an enterprise culture that evolves and shifts to engender a digital business model that advances business. Any Dx plan must include a review and appropriate modification of businesses processes, business models, operations, team collaboration and customer relationships.

When you are thinking of a Digital Transformation initiative, don’t forget to consider the technology and tools you will need to optimize and streamline workflow and enable your business users to become more proficient and knowledgeable about data and to become confident in the use of that data to make decisions. Augmented Analytics is a logical and critical addition to the Dx initiative and will significantly enhance the success of the Digital Transformation agenda.

Augmented Analytics Tools are designed with enabling technologies like machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to make the tools easier for business users to leverage and streamline and simplify the process of self-serve data preparation, smart data visualization and assisted predictive modeling. The goal is to transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists – users that have a basic grasp of analytics and can execute analysis and understand the results to make fact-based decisions without the assistance of IT professionals or data scientists.

Augmented analytics simplifies data analytics and enables data literacy and user adoption across the enterprise, providing actionable reporting and insight into data. When an organization includes an Augmented Analytics approach in its Digital Transformation initiative, it provides foundational support for every team member so that the organization can move toward a more collaborative, data literate environment without extensive training or expensive technology upgrades.

The goal is to encourage the use of data in all processes and day-to-day activities and to ensure data sharing and increased data popularity across the enterprise. The use of data as a decision tool ensures that an organization can transform itself from a static environment into an environment that is capable of continuous improvement and can adapt to change with flexible, scalable processes and teams.

Building a new change culture with Dx and Augmented Analytics and a vision that includes constant and continuous update of skills, processes and market approach is critical to business success and competitive strategy. Businesses that use data to make decisions can adapt to change more quickly and improve services and products, customer engagement and day-to-day activities to optimize resources, funding, training, and creativity.

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