Data Discovery Tools and Data Governance: A Dynamite Combination!

Can Self-Serve Advanced Analytics Support Data Governance?

If your organization is planning to implement advanced analytics tools or to democratize the use of data discovery tools, your IT staff and senior management are probably concerned about losing control of data access and about data security. Data governance is a real concern and it should not be minimized but there is no reason to change course and decide against data democracy just to accommodate data governance.

The good news is that Advanced Analytics, and Augmented Analytics with guided recommendations and suggestions, can satisfy average user skills and be easily implemented across the organization – WITH appropriate data governance concerns addressed in the bargain.

With the right Augmented Data Discovery Tool, the organization can ensure business user adoption and provide each user with appropriate access to data in a uniform, intuitive environment. The enterprise can offer data-driven decision support, and allow the business to cascade objectives, share data across the enterprise and improve the value of every team member by giving them the right information at the right time.

It is true that your business must reckon with the reality of open access, multiple platforms, expanding user devices, integrated data repositories and data democratization and it is important to understand the self-serve concept, and the importance of data governance.

As Smart Data Discovery and business user empowerment and accountability grows in popularity, the wise enterprise will balance the need for data governance and data security with the organizational and business user need for solid, dependable information. The business that attempts to over-enforce data governance may end up creating a data dictatorship and thereby depriving business users to critical information needed to perform daily tasks and make appropriate decisions.

If you want to embrace Advanced Data Discovery for business users AND ensure appropriate data governance, Contact Us to find out how you can achieve both with one easy-to-use, sophisticated data discovery tool.