What is Clickless Analytics and How Can It Help My Business?

Clickless Analytics & NLP Search Analytics for Business Users!

Natural Language Processing Search Analytics (NLP) is a crucial component of search analytics and smart data discovery in today’s online and technology environment. Consumers and business users are very familiar with the search techniques used by online giants like Google and they expect and demand that same ease-of-use in apps and software designed for business user. NLP search allows business users to create complex searches without endless clicks and complex navigation and commands. Using this type of search analytics, users can access and view clear, concise answers and analysis quickly and easily without the knowledge.

What is Search Analytics? With natural language-processing-based search capability, business users can perform research and analytics using data integrated from disparate data sources across the enterprise to get information, identify trends and patterns, forecast and plan and perform other analytics. They do not need to scroll through menus and navigation. They can simply enter a search query in natural language and the system will translate the query, and return the results in natural language in an appropriate form, such as visualization, tables, numbers or descriptions.

What is Clickless Analysis? Clickless analysis provides seamless search analytics and augmented analytics with advanced data discovery, using Machine Learning Modelling and Natural Language Processing (NLP), in a self-serve environment that is easy enough for every business user resulting in increased user adoption, improved data democratization, and return on investment (ROI). Clickless Analytics democratizes advanced analytics so business users can enjoy the benefits of smart data discovery using natural language searches. Simply enter the query in natural language and let the system do the rest. No advanced training is required!

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