How a Citizen Data Scientist Can Help Others Adjust to the New Reality!

When a business user is given the mantle of Citizen Data Scientist, they being a journey that can help to advance their career, provide leadership experience and improve visibility across the organization. But, in order to embrace this new part of their position, they must understand a number of things.

Becoming a Citizen Data Scientist means having a full grasp of the new role and how that will change the day-to-day workflow and processes, alter relationships across teams and affect the overall environment. It means gaining insight into the workings of an augmented analytical system and the basic analytical techniques that drive fact-based decision-making.

As a newly minted Citizen Data Scientist, it is important to develop a cogent explanation of your new role to help others understand how things have changed. Citizen Data Scientists must be ready to lead by example and help other business users gain a level of comfort with data, an understanding of how to read and share reports and the expectation that recommendations will be supported by this new world of data-driven, factual collaboration.

In this new world, managers, HR and other professionals must also change their expectations and the way that they hire, train and evaluate team members. A team member must bring their professional expertise and knowledge to bear in gathering and analyzing data in a way that is meaningful to their role. It is the combination of their professional knowledge and the access to data that will help them to make better decisions and produce better outcomes.

As a business considering Citizen Data Scientist initiatives or a business user candidate for Citizen Data Scientist, you will need expert support. Contact Us to today or Click Here to begin your Citizen Data Scientist journey. You can ensure that your team achieves success and that your business is ready for the future!