Why Should Your Business Users Want to Become Citizen Data Scientists?

What’s So Great About Citizen Data Scientists?

You have probably heard a lot about the benefits of transforming business users into Citizen Data Scientists by deploying an advanced analytics platform. Let’s say you did your homework and found just the right solution so that all your needs are met and your business users can happily embrace the solution and become empowered – and in so doing, add value and accountability to your organization.

But, in order to complete this picture, you will need to help your business users see the benefit to THEM! So, what kind of value can your business users expect to experience when they engage in the use of Augmented Analytics?

First, they do not have to wait for crucial information to be gathered and reported by IT or data scientists or analysts. If they have an issue they want to understand so they can answer a customer question or present data to a manager, they can use auto-recommendations on how to best visualize data and what algorithms to use to analyze a particular type of data and get to where they are going quickly and without frustration.

Secondly, they will gain insight into problems and opportunities and get to the root cause of issues before they negatively impact the business. They can gain perspective and even test theories and hypotheses so they can assess results before making that decision, thereby avoiding a misstep.

Thirdly, business users can make timely, accurate decisions and managers will know that these decisions are based on facts and driven by data rather than guesswork or opinion.

For those users that love using their creativity and may be inclined toward power use of solutions, these Advanced Analytics Tools can allow them to spread their wings and help them to show their true potential.

Transforming business users with average technical skills into Citizen Data Scientists is definitely a benefit to the individual and to the organization.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Citizen Data Scientists, improve user satisfaction and make timely, accurate decisions, you can start here: Benefits of Citizen Data Scientists and Augmented Analytics.