This Partner is a global healthcare informatics solutions company. The Partner healthcare solutions are used by Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres and Specialty Clinics among others. Their solutions have benefited over 500+ healthcare organizations globally.

Partner required augmented analytics and reporting capability integrated with its Healthcare Information system to improve productivity and the quality and accessibility of crucial data, and it wished to engage in an OEM partnership to provide easy-to-use dashboards for use by all of its end users using the selected Partner solution. Smarten provided a comprehensive set of reporting and analytics tools, e.g., revenue earned analytics, patient admission and discharge analysis, ward Management, lab management – all as interactive self-serve reports, including dashboards, KPIs, Graphical Analysis and more.

The integration of augmented analytics with its proprietary Healthcare Information System enabled the Partner to improve its end user satisfaction, market credibility and recognition across the healthcare industry. The integration of interactive Dashboards with the Healthcare Information System provided a competitive advantage and enabled the Partner to better leverage its data and operate more efficiently thereby increasing revenue and allowing the Partner to add and effectively support more end users.

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