Smarten Augmented Analytics Implementation for SI Partner and its India Public Sector Credit Guarantee Client

This project was undertaken for a Smarten System Integrator Partner. The Smarten Partner is a leading system integrator for public and private sector organizations in India. This System Integrator (SI) has a wide network of consultants and technology experts through which they achieve and support a presence around the world, including the U.K., U.S. and India.

The SI Partner has a Client that is a wholly owned agency of the Government of India, and was created under the Ministries of Finance, to act as a common trustee company for multiple credit guarantee funds. The Partner’s Client required IT consulting for augmented analytics services and solutions, and the SI Partner requested assistance in delivering services to its Client.

The services and solution provided by the Smarten team ensured rapid access to information for the SI Partner team so that the SI Partner team was able to provide the necessary MIS service to governing authorities and effectively serve its internal MIS needs without downtime or a gap in services. The resulting analytical integration provided crucial, timely and clear data for fact-based decisions and supports flexible growth and scalability.

Smarten supported the SI Partner team throughout the project lifecycle as it served its Client and end users and the Client MIS needs and ensured that the team could leverage technology to help its governing authorities with required analytics. The solution provides adaptive and flexible augmented analytics to allow the Client to easily change processes and adapt to business and market changes. The Smarten solution is web-based, and provides a self-serve system that is affordable, dependable and scalable. The solution provides a comprehensive fit for this public sector Client and allows users to optimize data sources and centralize access to information at a reduced cost and time so users can easily and quickly deliver and use analytics for monitoring disbursement of loans and enable meaningful insight and decision support related to various schemes, loans and transactions.

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