Fund Management System with Business Intelligence Analytics for India's National Dairy Development Board

The National Dairy Development Board promotes finances and supports producer-owned and controlled organizations across India. Its programs and activities are designed to strengthen farmer cooperatives and to support national policies that are designed for the growth of these institutions. The NDDB role in India is undeniably important to India’s economy, and to the cultural, societal and agricultural needs and initiatives of villages and farmers in support of animal breeding, nutrition and health related issues. The NDDB site and team provides information for consumers, dairy farmers, cooperative and engineering services, sector analysis and studies and more.

Elegant MicroWeb worked with the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) to achieve its strategic and operational goals. The successful completion of this multi-faceted project helps to streamline and improve productivity, user satisfaction, resource optimization and brand visibility and positioning with innovative financial systems, budget allocation and utilization tools and other features and functions to support the organizational vision and mission for the client’s multi-state initiative to increase productivity of milch animals through scientific breeding and feeding. The Smarten business intelligence solution implementation supports the organization with comprehensive analytical tools designed for all business users to provide features and functionality that will support data sharing, streamlined reporting and confident business decisions.

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