Augmented Analytics for Leading Rural Fintech Company in India

The Client is one of the largest Rural Fintech companies in India with more than 700,000 Rural Entrepreneurs and services to benefit 100 million consumers. The Client business is currently growing at 150% year over year with a transformative impact on digital, financial, and e-retail services across rural and semi-urban regions.

As a Fintech Company, it is extremely important for the Client to track, evaluate, and monitor project success through robust analytics, flexible views and access rights management. The Smarten solution allows users to interact with data to identify overall profitability at various levels in the organization. It also allows users to measure tactical and operational results at a summary level, and at a detail level, for an individual task or group workflow.

With the help of the Smarten solution and team, the Client has achieved its goal of creating a centralized analytics system at all levels of the organization. The Smarten intuitive interface allows users to make the most out of available data and to effectively manage their resources, revenue, procurement, business operations, manpower allocation etc. Smarten helps the Client to track organizational performance, and to reduce cost and increase profitability of each department without compromising on the quality standards.

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