What is Self Service Data Preparation?

Self-Service Data Preparation that is Easy and Worry-Free!

Data prep can slow down analytics and cause delays. Self-service data preparation (when done right) can enable business users to leverage sophisticated, easy-to-use tools for self-serve ETL. Data extraction, transformation and loading (otherwise known as ETL) can be time-consuming and requires professional skills but self-service ETL will walk business users through an augmented data preparation process and take the complicated, confusing steps out of the process by helping the user make decisions on how to prepare, clean, reduce and use the data in the best way possible.

The right Self-Serve Data Preparation tool makes all the difference in the world! It enables self-serve, advanced analytics and provides business users with tools they will want to adopt and use so the enterprise can make the most of their Augmented Analytics environment and reap rapid return on investment (ROI) and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

If you want to improve productivity and empower business users with tools that will guide them through an otherwise complex process, Contact Us today to find out more about how Self-Serve Data Preparation can help your organization.