Analytics for All: You Can Serve Business Users AND Data Scientists!

Business Users and Data Scientists Need Analytics Tools!

I hope you would agree that every team member in your business is an important and valuable resource. When we talk, in the tech world, about self-serve apps and the concept of cascading analytics to everyone in the organization, managers and team members start to get nervous.

Does the use of analytical tools mean that every business user has to become an analyst or a data scientist? Does the roll-out of Augmented Analytics to business users mean that data scientists will lose their jobs? Not to worry. There is a good reason to pursue your self-serve augmented analytics projects AND a good reason to keep those data scientists right where they are!

With the democratization of analytics and the advent of self-serve tools, organizations can encourage and create Citizen Data Scientists and enable the average business user to leverage sophisticated predictive algorithms without the expertise and skill of a trained data scientist. This approach allows users who are not statisticians, data scientists, programmers or analysts to leverage self-service tools to confidently make business decisions, share data, and reports and present data in a way that allows the organization to identify trends, patterns, opportunities and challenges.

But, the transformation of business users into Citizen Data Scientists does not mean there is no need for professional data scientists. A business user might use Assisted Predictive Modeling, to analyze customer churn and find out which customers are likely to move away (churn) based on purchase patterns, demographics, geographic and other macro parameters. BUT, if the business needs to fine-tune or further explore an issue, a parameter, or a model, the Data Scientist is there to do the strategic work. If there is a need for precision calculation, a unique algorithm application, analysis of selection bias, theory-driven methodology or other in-depth analysis, the organization would look to a data scientist.

By providing the right tools to the right people and focusing on the core job responsibilities that drive the day-to-day tasks of a business users or a data scientist, the organization can gain insight to make good decisions AND carefully craft and refine strategic initiatives by leveraging the skills of its Data Scientist team. So, YES, there is a place in your organization for both team members and there are Advanced Analytics Tools to serve the needs of both of these team members.

Find out how augmented analytics and advanced analytics tools can support the needs of your business users, your IT team, your analysts and your data scientists…and let’s not forget your management team! Analytics for All.