Self-Serve Data Discovery Tools Must be Sophisticated Yet Easy to Use!

Augmented Analytics That Will Ensure Business User Adoption

Self-Serve advanced analytics and data discovery software is an important competitive tool in today’s rapidly changing environment. Data resides in a lot of places within the organization and access to that data in an intuitive, integrated environment is important.

Equally important is the democratization of that data so that business users can easily access the Advanced Analytics Software and use augmented data discovery to gather data, and analyze that data in an environment where they are offered auto-suggestions and recommendations for data presentation and guides that point out relationships.

If you want your data discovery tool to succeed within your business user ranks, you must provide a solution that goes beyond data monitoring and presentation to reveal crucial insights on the ‘whys’ and ”hows’ of issues, challenges and opportunities. Users need a sophisticated Smart Data Discovery Tool that can handle the most complex queries and provide all the support a business user will need, thereby making them self-sufficient. This augmented analytics tool is the key to providing effective data discovery, producing clear, reliable results and ensuring low total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid return on investment (ROI).

Your users will gain valuable insight and find crucial ‘nuggets’ of information that will allow you to quickly resolve issues and capitalize on market and customer opportunities.

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