Augmented Analytics is Designed for Business Users So Analytics is Easy for All!

When a business decides to undertake a data democratization and data literacy initiative, it is important to recognize that not all advanced analytics solutions are created equal. Business users who are expected to take on the task of analytics, will need an augmented analytics solution that can support their needs. They aren’t data scientists. They aren’t business analysts. They are business professionals who will want to use an analytics solution that can give them sophisticated output and information. It has to be easy enough to use without the need for assistance by IT or data scientists and it has to be a solution that can be personalized to produce reports and analytics that are easy for each user to leverage to make decisions, solve problems and identify opportunities.

Today’s self-serve augmented analytics solution is designed to support users across the enterprise. It enables rapid implementation and user adoption and requires very little training or transition time. Auto-suggestions and recommendations allow users to work on their own, no matter their skill levels.

No matter your role or responsibilities within your organization, you and your business can enjoy the Benefits Of Augmented Analytics and support initiatives that transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists and improve Data Literacy, data sharing and fact-based decision-making.

Whether you are a business owner, executive, manager, IT staff member, data scientist or business user, you can start using these solutions today!

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