Data Discovery and Data Exploration to Advance the Organization!

Augmented Analytics is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Data discovery is not data management. If one is to make the right decisions in business, one must engage in data exploration and data profiling. In other words, one must gather, prepare and analyze data to truly understand how the business is working, what must change, what activities and tasks support the goals of the business, and what the business should anticipate in the future in terms of revenue, risk, resources, financial investment, growth, products, location and all other aspects of business.

When a business chooses an Advanced Analytics solution and deploys that solution to every corner of the enterprise, it can leverage all of its data in real time and allow every user to look at a problem, prepare for a meeting, test hypotheses and theories and share information with other users in order to advance the objectives of the business and align all activities and decisions with the desired outcome.

The concept of Augmented Analytics is one that is crucial to business success. Augmented analytics allows business users to access and analyze data from numerous sources in a simple, intuitive interface that provides an underpinning of sophisticated tools, analytical techniques and algorithms. Augmented analytics allows for data prep, Smart Data Visualization and Assisted Predictive Modeling with the help of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), so users need not be trained as data scientists to get to the heart of the data and find those elusive nuggets of information that will help them create, change and improve.

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