What is a Citizen Data Scientist and How Do I Create Them in My Business?

What is a Citizen Data Scientist and what is the role of a Citizen Data Scientist? It isn’t as complicated as you might think. A Citizen Data Scientist is a business user working in a professional capacity within an enterprise – one who is collaborative and curious by nature and willing and ready to adopt augmented analytics tools to prepare and analyze data and use that data to gain insight into business issues and opportunities. The role of a Citizen Data Scientist is to interact with and liaise with IT and data scientists to define use cases and refine data output to be used in making fact-based decisions.

A Citizen Data Scientist will use his or her domain knowledge and primary skills and experience to gain insight into the data and hypothesize, prototype, analyze and forecast using data to improve accuracy of decisions and to share data and data models with other users. The business that enables the transition of business user to Citizen Data Scientist can expect to improve time to market and to work in an environment where metrics and measurements are valued for the insight and accuracy they deliver and guesswork and opinion are discouraged.

Citizen Data Scientists value data literacy and will champion the use of data in presenting recommendations, monitoring and managing results and forecasting and planning for the future. The Citizen Data Scientist uses day-to-day analytics to complete processes and tasks and prototypes and hypothesizing using data to avoid rework and missteps in the market. These team members will collaborate as necessary with data scientists, data analyst and IT staff when there is a need to refine Data Analytics and take it to another level to ensure 100% accuracy for strategic decisions. They will use data to report and present and share creative data models to support and enable other business users as they learn to embrace data analytics.

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