Using Smarten’s Assisted Predictive Modeling in the FMCG industry

This is a video of a presentation which outlines how a predictive analytics model can be set up for the sales department of a consumer product company. You can find other educational resources by browsing our Augmented Analytics Videos and Augmented Analytics Learning pages.

Smarten’s Assisted Predictive Modeling factors impacting sales

This video demonstrated Self-Service Data Preparation and Assisted predictive modeling using practical data which combines data from within the organisation and data from external sources to make effective prediction and analysis. This video focuses on consumer products used in the building industry. You can find […]

Smarten’s Assisted Predictive Modeling manpower impact on sales

This video looks at a scenario where data on workforce comprising of education, years with the organisation, number of wholesale stockiest managed by the individual, CAGR in sales for individual and value of sales is analysed to determine which factor impacts the sales and to […]

Smarten’s Assisted Predictive Modeling in Consumer Product Industry

This video has a presentation on how one can use data from multiple systems across the organisation along with data from external sources to run predictive analytics using Assisted Predictive Modeling. The video has a complete presentation which is followed by a demonstration. Each of […]

Self-Serve Data Preparation | Google Analytics | Smarten

Self-Serve Data Preparation simplifies preparation of data from multiple sources for analytics. This module of Smarten Augmented Analytics is the engine which enables end users as well as data experts to easily extract, transform, merge and select data for effective data analysis. The resultant data […]