The Next, Even Better Gift: Advanced Data Discovery Tools!

Business Users Want MORE: Simple, Advanced Data Discovery

Have you ever noticed that when you give someone something, they often want more? This is especially true when they really like what you gave them! As the concept of business analytics becomes more main stream and business users embrace the possibilities, they (and their managers) want and expect even more tools and more potential. They want better solutions. BUT, don’t make the mistake of interpreting the need for more sophistication and detail as a need for more complexity. Business users are still business users and, as organizations pursue the natural progression of business analytics, the emergence of  Advanced Data Discovery enables those same business users to enjoy the benefits of more sophistication, more possibilities and more data sharing without the need for IT staff or data scientist involvement.

Happily, Advanced Data Discovery Tools have evolved, and with this natural progression, business users can now leverage advanced analytics and become true Citizen Data Scientists. Advanced Data Discovery allows business users to quickly and easily prepare and analyze data and visualize and explore data. They can notate and highlight data, share data with other users and most importantly, they can identify those crucial ‘ah hah’ nuggets of information that are buried in the mountains of traditional data within every organization.

My team uses augmented data preparation and self-serve data prep, and tools like smart data visualization, plug n’ play predictive analysis and assisted predictive modeling to connect all the dots, find those all-important exceptions, and identify patterns and trends so they can get ahead of the game and help us in the market.

And, the best part is that a business user with average skills can do all of this without specialized skills, knowledge of statistical analysis or support from IT or professional data scientists.

It’s really no surprise that they want more! After all, when you can make their job easier and make them more successful, they will always adopt the tools and jump in with both feet. Don’t rest on your laurels! Give your users (and your enterprise) the gift of advanced data discovery and watch them shine! Advanced Data Discovery