Smart Data Discovery Will Guide Your Users Through Advanced Analytics!

Advanced Analytical Tools that are Smart and Simple

Your enterprise and business users do not have the time or the inclination to sift through complex data or wade through instructions to learn how to use complicated business intelligence or advanced analytics tools. They don’t want to document requirements and wait for IT or analysts to produce a report (only to find out that the data is incomplete or that the data was delivered too late to make a confident decision).

What your organization needs is advanced data discovery that is easy enough for every business user with sophisticated tools that will guide them through the analysis process and suggest data analysis techniques, and report formats that clearly display the data. These Advanced Data Discovery tools produce high-quality results that allow users to discover crucial nuggets of information and to identify trends and patterns that would otherwise be hidden in mounds of data.

Done right, data discovery should result in just that: discovering data. The word discovery means ‘the act or an instance of discovering’. It doesn’t mean confusing numbers, nor does it mean pretty pictures that tell you nothing. Discovery allows one to learn, adapt and share, and Smarten BI.

Smarten Business Intelligence is the smarter way to analyze data. Give your business users the right tools to gather, prepare and present data, with auto-suggest options and recommendations to make analysis and report formats simpler and more concise.

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