Don’t Be Afraid of Self-Serve Data Preparation! It’s Easy. You Can Do It!

Oh, the mysterious world of data preparation! It is daunting and confusing and…wait, no! It doesn’t have to be. If you aren’t employed as an IT professional, a business analyst or a data scientist, you probably see this arena as confusing and intimidating and you probably want nothing to do with data preparation. BUT, when you need a report, or you have to provide a recommendation to your boss in a staff meeting, you desperately need that data and that analysis, don’t you?

So, what if you could do the data preparation yourself? Self-serve data preparation can actually make your job easier and give you the information you need more quickly and with accuracy and clarity. And, if you don’t think your business (or your boss) will be all that interested in this opportunity, consider these Gartner predictions: ‘By 2023, overall analytics adoption will increase from 35% to 50%, driven by vertical- and domain-specific augmented analytics solutions.’ and, ‘Through 2025, 80% of organizations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance.’

What does that mean, exactly? What it means is that, as an employee or team member, you will be expected to jump into the digital transformation initiative with both feet and that a self-serve data prep tool will become your new best friend!

Augmented data preparation features allow business users with average skills to perform data preparation and to transform, shape, reduce, combine, explore, clean, sample and aggregate data, without the need for SQL skills, ETL or other programming language. These self-serve data prep tools allow users to extract, transform and load (otherwise known as ETL) data for analysis, so you don’t have to wait for IT or for a data scientist to help you prepare data and perform analysis.

You can use sophisticated, intuitive tools to compile and prepare data for use in analytics to test hypotheses, visualize data and create and share reports with other users and machine learning capability within the solution will provide guidance to determine the best techniques and the best fit transformations for the data you want to analyze, so you can better understand the data. You can search data, profile and catalogue, connect and mash-up data appropriately, and collaborate with other users to get the results you need.

If you are ready to take on the world of Self-Serve Data Preparation, and combine powerful Self-Serve Data Prep tools with Smart Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics, you can start today!