Are You Succeeding at eCommerce? If You Don’t Know, You NEED Integrated Analytics!

When eCommerce and online shopping businesses reflect on their results, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on a strategy going forward. You may be able to produce reports and have a good grasp of ‘what sells’ but if you are to compete in this incredibly competitive market, you need metrics. You need to make fact-based decisions.

For those businesses using Shopify (one of the most popular eCommerce solutions), there is an option to integrate analytics – and those analytics are simple enough for an average business user to perform and to understand and use for decision, presentation and reporting. Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards allow users to dive deep into data, drill down and through data and interact with data without frustration.

eCommerce dashboards and reports help the organization to manage business health and identify opportunities to expand and grow the business with sales reports, sales trends and sales contribution, advanced key performance indicators (KPIs), a clear picture of Customer Lifetime value (LTV), Customer Cohorts, Customer Loyalty and Product Cross Sell. Businesses can see what is selling, where there are challenges or opportunities, what products might be bundled to create more value and result in more sales conversion, whether pricing policies are working and more.

Businesses can track KPIs by customer, by order, by average customer order, customer value and even customers who process the most returns. Users can review, monitor and manage data by brand, product and product variable and can review cumulative sales, performance by country, and customer, cart abandonment and other details.

If you are struggling to understand your data and you want to make the best, most accurate decisions for your business,  and provide clear, simple tools for your business users, you can Integrate Shopify With Augmented Analytics, and provide users and your business managers with the tools they need to compete and succeed, AND you can enjoy a free trial to evaluate the solution and determine the business benefits.   

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