What is a Citizen Data Scientist and How Do I Train and Transition My Team?

Citizen Data Scientists…the predicted future of the organization! Gartner and other technology research firms have predicted the rise of Citizen Data Scientists as a way to complement and optimize data scientists and to democratize data and improve data literacy across the enterprise.

If you don’t know what a Citizen Data Scientist is, let’s talk about that. What is a Citizen Data Scientist and what is the role of a Citizen Data Scientist in an organization? The Gartner Citizen Data Scientist definition is: ‘a person who creates or generates models that leverage predictive or prescriptive analytics but whose primary job function is outside of the field of statistics and analytics.’

A Citizen Data Scientist is different from a true Data Scientist in one crucial way; namely, they do not have the skills or training to be an analyst or a programmer but, with the right tools, they are capable of generating reports, analyzing data and sharing data to make decisions.

In order to support Citizen Data Scientist initiatives within an enterprise, the organization must recognize the need for culture change, a shift in roles to enable collaboration among business users, IT, data scientists and others and the adoption of Augmented Analytics and Citizen Data Scientist tools within the business with a solution that supports the average skills of a business user and provides support, guidance and recommendations to achieve results and analyze data without sophisticated analytical skills and complex algorithms and analytical techniques.

It is also important to provide a foundation for Citizen Data Scientists so that they understand and can embrace the various facets of this initiative with confidence. A Citizen Data Scientist course or workshop can provide this foundation without lengthy training or unnecessarily complex details and sessions that will discourage the business user and decrease the chances of a successful initiative.

It is important to build excitement and a positive attitude toward this change and to provide the tools and support your business users need to champion and engage with the Citizen Data Scientist role and initiative.

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