Citizen Data Scientists Will Lead the Charge with Augmented Analytics!

You have probably heard a lot about the concept of Citizen Data Scientists in industry conferences and journals. Whether you are managing a business, or a team or you are a team member in a business, you should take heed of these discussions as they will definitely change the landscape of every type of business from start-ups and small companies to large enterprises, and you would be wise to get on board.

Gartner analysts have done extensive research on this trend and among other things, they predict that through 2020, the number of Citizen Data Scientists will grow five times faster than the number of expert data scientists and, further, that by 2021, augmented analytics will be a dominant driver of new purchases of analytics and BI as well as data science and machine learning platforms, and of embedded analytics.

So, what does that mean? It means that businesses will refine their approach to analytics by using Augmented Analytics solutions that enable business users to be more empowered and accountable It means that data scientists will be free to focus on strategic initiatives while business users have the tools they need to make better, fact-based decisions and to share data and information to align the organization and its approach to the market.

These Augmented Analytics Tools incorporates computational linguistics, analytical algorithms and data mining into a self-serve environment and provides an easy-to-use NLP Search capability for swift, accurate data analysis to support data democratization and enhance the value of every team member. Augmented analytics provides assistance by suggesting relationships and provides insight into previously hidden data so business users can explore and ‘discover’ crucial business results, patterns, trends, issues and opportunities and improve productivity and smart decision making across the organization.

In short, augmented analytics and the Citizen Data Scientist approach can provide improved data literacy and maximum results, quickly and easily, with minimal training requirements, minimum implementation time and minimal support to achieve rapid ROI and low TCO.

If you want to initiate a Citizen Data Scientist culture, you can start here: Augmented Analytics and Citizen Data Scientists.