Without Smart Data Visualization Tools, Business Users Will Not Embrace Analytics!

If you want your business users to have access to analytics tools that are easy enough for the average user to understand, you will want to select augmented analytics that are easy to use with guidance and recommendations to help the user achieve the results they want AND help the user understand those results once they finish the analysis.

Data visualization can be difficult to understand but the benefits of advanced analytics are readily apparent when a user can leverage smart data visualization tools. These tools provide step-by-step guided recommendations so users can choose the most appropriate visualization techniques based on data type, volume, dimensions, patterns and nature of data.

Business users can interact with analytics software to build a view that tells a story and makes results abundantly clear. Team members can use this guided visualization technique to produce clear reports and visuals for presentation and staff meetings and to share with other users to support decisions. They can identify relationships, patterns, trends and opportunities and explore detailed data with simple drill down and drill through tools to gain insight into data from all sources.

If your business users are frustrated by complex, confusing analytics, reporting and visualization tools, they will not embrace analytics as part of their role and you will lose the value of a shared, collaborative environment where all team members are comfortable with augmented analytics solutions and tools and can use those tools to develop strategies, make recommendations and discuss issues and opportunities.

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