Is Augmented Analytics Too Complex for Business Users?

Augmented Analytics is Easy Enough for Business Users

The concept of Augmented Analytics may sound complicated (and it may, in fact, be a challenge for a software vendor to accomplish), but the new augmented data discovery tools are quite easy to use. Unlike the data discovery tools of old, business users do not need to look to the IT staff or data scientists to perform advanced data discovery.

The rapidly expanding self-serve business intelligence and analytics market has provided Advanced Analytics Tools that are suitable for every business user. True data democratization and self-serve tools and features allow business users to leverage advanced analytics, and sophisticated algorithms and features in an easy-to-use environment to easily prepare and analyze data and to visualize and explore data, notate and highlight data and share data with others.

If you think your users can’t take advantage of these tools, imagine an environment with a drag and drop interface, where no advanced skills are required. And users can gather, prepare, integrate and analyze data, find patterns and trends, share findings and apply those results to strategic, operational and tactical activities.

To truly gain a competitive advantage and achieve objectives, your users must be able to take the guesswork out of decision-making and planning and discover those subtle and important factors that highlight issues and patterns, and help the organization capitalize on opportunities.

Advanced Analytics Software features suggests relationships, identify patterns, suggest visualization techniques and formats, highlight crucial trends and patterns, and present accurate predictions and forecasts, all in an intuitive interface that will ensure ease-of-use and business user adoption. If you want to explore the benefits of Augmented Analytics, Contact Us now.