Augmented Analytics Tools and Data Prep Tools Make Life Easy for Business Users!

Data Preparation Tools and Advanced Analytics for All!

In today’s world, advanced analytics is for everyone. There is no reason to limit access to data preparation software or advanced predictive analytics to data scientists, analysts and IT staff. The evolution of augmented analytics and intelligence augmentation has created some impressive tools and solutions that allow business users with average skills to use self-serve data prep and complete data preparation using auto-recommendations and suggestions to work through the process easily and with no confusion.

Augmented Analytics Tools include Smart Data Visualization with recommendations on how best to visualize data based on data type, etc., as well as Assisted Predictive Modeling with recommendations on which techniques and algorithms to use to get the best outcome for the data a user is trying to analyze.

Data Scientists who are used to working in R scripting, can perform data preparation in R, as well, so your analysts and data scientists will never be left out! IT and data scientists can also leverage these tools to supplement other techniques and tools. Data Analysis, data blending, and data preparation tools for all!

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