Can Citizen Data Scientists Support Advanced Analytical Needs?

Data Analytics That Will Improve Your Bottom Line!

No business, large or small, has unlimited funds and resources. In a world where data analytics is more important than ever to the business bottom line and competitive position, the typical business cannot afford to hire dozens of data scientists but it absolutely must have access to detailed, clear data analysis that will drive the bottom line and ensure success.

The domain of Business Analytics does not have to be limited to data scientists. With the right augmented data discovery tools that are suitable for business users but sophisticated enough to produce professional-level results, the organization can get what it needs without hiring teams of analysts, data scientists and IT professionals.

Self-Serve Data Analytics Software includes dynamic, cutting-edge business intelligence and data discovery tools with self-serve data preparation, smart visualization, assisted predictive modeling, and search analytics supported by Natural Language Processing. Solid foundation in which business users can become Citizen Data Scientists.

By applying core business skills to analytical tasks with guidance, recommendations and auto-suggestions from the Data Analytics Tools, business users can function at a higher level and increase their value to the organization, making decisions that support goals and objectives and sharing data and information with other business users to collaborate, increase productivity and swiftly and efficiently complete tasks.

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