ElegantJ BI

Flexible, User-Friendly, Modern Business Intelligence

The Smarten approach to Advanced Data Discovery is based on years of experience in designing, developing, implementing and supporting business intelligence analytics tools. ElegantJ BI is the Elegant MicroWeb flagship product, and this product provides the crucial foundation upon which the Smarten approach was built.

The foundation of this solution began with an agile, ad-hoc visualization and analytical solution that includes performance management, mobile BI and access via the Cloud and on-premises environs, and now includes advanced data discovery and the ability to notate, highlight and share data and to leverage augmented analytics and assisted predictive modeling tools.

Our modern business intelligence suite is self-serve and easy enough for all business users. It is founded on a unique value proposition, which includes a focus on:

Self-serve visual analytics tools to support business users

Data democratization that is balanced with appropriate data governance

Social business intelligence tools that encourage data and knowledge sharing

Mobile BI that is easily accessible and usable on any type of device

BI tools that can be used out-of-the-box by any size enterprise, business function or industry

KPI analytics and performance management tools that are easy enough for every business user

Key Components Of ElegantJ BI
Modern Business Intelligence Tools

Personalized Dashboards – Monitor, Analyze and Present Data

100% browser based BI dashboards, with a ‘Design once, Use anywhere’ UI engine to ensure seamless access, so users with average technical skills can design personalized dashboards in minutes, without programming knowledge.

Multidimensional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – The New Way Forward!

Users define KPIs with an easy to use, powerful expression engine and set polarity, frequency, and threshold levels using an intuitive browser based interface.

Deep-Dive Analytics – Monitor. Deep Dive, and Discover!

Smart data visualization and visual analytics provides a comprehensive view of multi-dimensional data with ad-hoc queries for a clear view of corporate performance and the ability to slice and dice data, drill down, drill up and drill through to find the most relevant Information.

Managed Memory Computing – Not just in-memory processing anymore

Managed Memory Computing allows administrators to quickly and easily allocate hardware memory, based on criticality of data analytics and hardware availability, so you can optimize memory with application and priority of BI analytics rather than the number of users and you can choose which data should be used in memory, based on priority and application of BI analytics. You can also expand BI usage without increasing the cost of hardware, or changing the hardware, and aggregate data in memory for dependable, scalable performance.

Social Business Intelligence – Data Sharing Engenders Data Popularity

Social business intelligence is a logical outgrowth of social networking. Every aspect of modern life today involves sharing and social interaction. Imagine an environment where business users can access a business intelligence and analysis portal and see popular data to rate, share and comment

What-If Analysis – Analyze Scenarios and Plan Accurately

What If Analysis allows business users to determine how a prospective change to a product, service, resource allocation, budget, schedule, pricing, raw material cost, labor cost, or other factors might affect the business bottom line.

Graphical Analysis – Insight and Clarity!

Business users can leverage stunning visualizations, alerts for exceptions and trends, and intuitive, mobile BI dashboards with true deep dive capabilities!

Out-of-the-Box Mobile Business Intelligence

Why accept restrictive, cumbersome business intelligence solutions when your business users can enjoy the ease of a high-performance BI tool that will work on any size or type of device.

GeoMap Support – Analyze by Location with Interactive GeoMaps

Analyze Geo Data and display that data within an interactive GeoMap. Users can leverage geo maps, analyze data for any location, and define geographic areas with support for drill down, spot lighter and other features.

Exceptions and Personalized Alerts – Management by Exception

With exception reporting users can define thresholds, monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and metrics, and even receive alerts when exceptions occur with the ability to set, modify and delete alerts based on specific thresholds.

Real Time and Cached Cube Management – It’s Not Rocket Science, Anymore!

Enjoy flexible options for Real Time Cube Management or Cached Cube Management and data access powered by unique Managed Memory Computing. Choose the option that is best for a particular use case scenario. Connect to data sources (databases, OLAP cubes and spreadsheets) with a simple wizard-based interface.

R Integration – No Programming Required!

Integrates seamlessly with R (the popular open source programming language and software environment for statistical computing), so users can integrate any R script with simple input and output configuration.

Intuitive Reporting – Simple to Create and Publish!

Deliver web-based BI reports to anyone in your organization. Simple, and cost-effective to use and practical to implement. Business intelligence reporting software enables users to point-and-click and drag-and-drop to create a report summarizing performance metrics, or operational data, without programming or database or SQL skills.

Publishing and Delivery Agent – Your Data In Any Format, Anywhere!

The publishing and delivery agent can meet every user need with BI objects like dashboards, reports, cross-tab or graphs, all automatically delivered through email or file publishing.

The Smarten Advanced Data Discovery solution features self-serve data preparation, assisted predictive modeling, smart visualization, clickless analytics with natural language processing and more. These features are embedded with the ElegantJ BI comprehensive business intelligence suite so business users can leverage personalized dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), elegant, simple reporting.

Explore the cutting-edge, dynamic BI, Reporting and Advanced Analytics features, all integrated in one application stack. Click here to read more about ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence software.