Embedded BI and Augmented Analytics WILL Improve User Adoption, ROI and TCO!

Have you heard of Embedded BI? Do you know what it is? If not, your business is missing a lot. Embedded BI provides a lot of potential for your business to enable Citizen Data Scientist initiatives and data democratization, improve data literacy across the enterprise and make better business decisions.

The biggest issue businesses face when they try to implement data analytics across the organization is one that involves existing business culture and the willingness of users to change the way they work and to adopt new tools. Many users are intimidated by BI tools and augmented analytics because they think they are too difficult to use and that they will get lost in a sea of data and complex tools and commands. They may have friends in other companies who have told them about their own experience with trying to use solutions that are deemed to be self-serve but are actually too restrictive and difficult for the average business user to understand and adopt.

A Gartner Analytics and BI Magic Quadrant customer reference survey found that the average modern analytics and BI Adoption rate was 35%. There are numerous reasons for poor user adoption including the absence of self-serve BI capabilities, dependence on IT team, inflexibility of data silos, and lack of access to intuitive BI tools for deep dive, predictive and descriptive features. 

If you want to improve the user adoption rate, lower TCO and improve ROI you can achieve these goals with Embedded BI and Augmented Analytics. Integration APIs provide intuitive, self-serve BI tools from within enterprise applications and public websites so you can put the power of facts, data and business insight in the hands of business users. With access to self-serve analytics from within familiar enterprise apps, BI adoption and use increases exponentially!

You can deploy seamless integration of Augmented Analytics and Business Intelligence Objects with easy to use, scalable integration APIs. Enable integrated business intelligence where you need it, with simple, easy-to-use analytics integration within enterprise and business applications in a single sign-on environment so tea members can use augmented analytics from within their enterprise applications or mobile apps. Engender business intelligence data democratization and alleviate user frustration with real business user solutions and deep dive capabilities. Provide user access within their favorite applications to improve user adoption of business intelligence tools, and engender collaboration, data sharing and fact-based decisions.

Whether your business needs seamless BI and analytics access for team members, or you want to expand your own software product and improve your competitive status in the market, Smarten Embedded BI and Integration APIs holds the key to your success.

If your business wants to leverage Embedded BI And Integration APIs to achieve swift, dependable results in the business user community, Contact Us today to get started.