The Tally ERP Solution is an accounting and financial application that is used by many business professionals around the world. It has gained in popularity since its launch and is a critical piece of the workflow process for finance and accounting professionals. Much of the crucial data a business needs is contained within the Tally app and while Tally reports provide support for users, today’s businesses are working hard to find new ways to compete, new ways to measure and make fact-based decisions and new methods and collaborative techniques to allow team members to share, report on data and make data-driven decisions and recommendations.

By integrating a mobile analytics app with Tally features and functionality, business users can adopt and use simple, pre-built reports and templates and gain insight into data in ways they never could before. With a Tally dashboard designed with business users in mind, and Tally KPI capability, team members can leverage Tally business intelligence in a mobile environment and make decisions and share information while on the road, working from home or…from anywhere.

Are your users tired of staring at columns of Tally ERP data and reports crammed with detail, and STILL not being able to glean the information they need; still not feeling confident in the results they are presenting or the recommendations they make to management? With the right, integrated mobile analytics app, Tally users can leverage a familiar environment without having to learn a whole new software solution and they can drill down and through data to find the root cause of an issue, as well as create visualizations and summary reports that clearly illustrate the results and support the recommendation they are making. They can gain an understanding of issues and discover new opportunities – all without needing the skills of a business analyst and all within a mobile, easy-to-use interface and Tally dashboard.

A Software as a Service (SaaS) solution makes data accessible from anywhere and is cost-effective, quick to implement (within minutes, rather than weeks or months) with no implementation or customization costs or extensive training requirement.

Your business and users can leverage the best of Tally ERP and combine that power with simple, yet sophisticated business intelligence and analytics reporting to achieve the results needed to improve competitive positioning and to make the right decisions across the enterprise.

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Original Post : Tally Users Can Go Beyond Data to Gain Insight Into the Business with Mobile App Analytics!