Smarten Advanced Data Discovery: The Smart Tool for Advanced Analytics

If you are frustrated with BI tools, and looking for self-service Advanced Analytics to achieve your goals and empower users, you should understand the difference between traditional BI tools and the Smarten Advanced Data Discovery approach.

The Smarten Advanced Data Discovery gives users the freedom to leverage data beyond simple visual data analysis and dashboards.

Advanced Data Discovery allows business users to perform early prototyping and to test hypothesis without the skills of a data scientist, ETL or developer. Advanced Data Discovery ensures data democratization by enabling users to drastically reduce the time and cost of analysis and experimentation.

Smart Data Visualization suggests the best options for visualizing and plotting for a particular set or type of data, based on the nature, dimensions and trend of data.

Self-Serve Data Preparation provides seamless data access and allows users to discover, transform, mash-up and integrate data for clear analytics.

Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis enables business users to explore power of predictive analytics without indepth understanding of statistics and data science.

The Smarten approach to Advanced Analytics is the next step on a journey that began with the ElegantJ BI comprehensive BI solution and the mobile business intelligence vision and execution. Smarten provides solid support for data democratization and the transformation of business users to Citizen Data Scientists.

Gartner analysts have recently predicted the future of Advanced Analytics and the business intelligence market. Their findings include:

  • Through 2017, the number of citizen data scientists will grow five times faster than the number of highly skilled data scientists.
  • By 2019, citizen data scientists will surpass data scientists in the amount of advanced analysis produced.
  • By 2020, more than 40% of data science tasks will be automated, resulting in increased productivity and broader usage by citizen data scientists.

The ElegantJ BI solution is designed to address the current and future challenges of data democratization and to support business users with sophisticated, easy-to-use tools. ElegantJ BI was listed as a Representative Vendor in the ‘Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise-Reporting-Based Platforms’, as an Other Relevant Vendor in the Gartner MQ for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, as a Niche BI and Analytics Vendor for the Gartner Report, Competitive Landscape: BI Platforms and Analytics Software Asia/Pacific and a Listed Vendor for Other Vendors to Consider for Modern BI and Analytics, Gartner Report.

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