Self-Serve Data Preparation Makes Business Users More Productive and Efficient!

Self-Serve Data Preparation Makes Data Analysis Easy & Fast

There is too much to do in a day to wait for someone else to give you the data you need. But, when it comes to data preparation and data analytics, business users are usually not comfortable with complex solutions that are time consuming or that require professional analytical skills. You pay your team members to have a certain type of expertise and that doesn’t always include technology or analytical knowledge. So, if you want them to be a real asset to the organization, you have to give them easy-to-use self-serve data preparation tools. Self Serve data prep allows business users to quickly gather and prepare data for analysis and to answer questions and solve problems without delay.

Your business users know what they need to know but it isn’t always easy to get that information. Data preparation tools that are suitable for the average business user will move your organization along at a faster pace with the right information so you are making the right business decisions. Self-Service data prep must be intuitive, mobile and flexible so that business users can leverage data to find problems, create solutions, identify patterns and trends and move departments, teams and the organization forward. Don’t sacrifice sophistication for ease-of-use. You can have both. Business users can enjoy data preparation and connect to various data sources to mash up and integrate data, and merge data in a single, uniform, interactive view with smart suggestions and auto-suggested relationships for JOINS, type casts, hierarchies and more. Users can clean, reduce and clarify data using sophisticated algorithms in an easy-to-use environment that is agile and provides accurate, dependable data governance to satisfy the IT team.

The Smarten approach to self-serve data preparation allows you and your users to leverage sophisticated analytical techniques without the assistance of an analyst or an IT professional. If you want to give your business users the right tools to gather, prepare and present data, contact us and find out how easily and quickly you can satisfy your data preparation and data analysis needs.