Self-Serve Data Preparation Takes the Headache Out of Data Analytics!

Is Self-Serve Data Prep, REALLY Self-Serve?

Self-Serve Data Preparation (aka augmented data preparation) is all about efficiency and the presentation of sophisticated data preparation tools in an easy-to-use environment. The idea behind self-service data preparation is to give the average business user the ability to prepare, use, report on and share data without the assistance of IT staff or analysts, thereby making their jobs easier and making every team member more of an asset to the organization.

Business users love Self-Serve Data Preparation because they can control data elements, and the volume and timing, perform data preparation and test theories and hypotheses by prototyping on their own. No one likes to be restricted to complex tools or forced to wait for programmers or data scientists.

Give your business users access to crucial data and connect them to data sources so they can mash up and integrate data in a single, one-stop, interactive view. Great Data Preparation for analytics allows users to leverage auto-suggested relationships, JOINs, type casts, hierarchies, and reduces and clarifies data to make it easier for users to interpret and analyze data.

Business users with average technical skills can capitalize on integrated statistical algorithms like binning, clustering, and regression for noise reduction, and trend and pattern identification, and do it all without assistance. And, if your organization is concerned about data governance, there is no reason to worry. Your organization can promote data and reports created by business users to IT provisioned, and IT approved data sources, and identify these data sources with clear watermarks to provide an appropriate balance between agility, governance and data quality.

So, yes, you can have it all! Self-Serve Data Preparation is within your reach. If you want to take the Smarten approach and help your business users get to the next level, Contact Us.