Self-Serve Data Prep Should be Just That – Self-Serve!

Augmented Data Prep is Suitable for Every Business User

Self-serve has many meanings. You can pump your own gas, you can serve yourself at a buffet, and sometimes you can even do your own data preparation. You will notice that I said ‘sometimes’. That is because you have to choose the right tool if you want to really participate in self-serve data preparation.

With the right augmented analytics solution, advanced data discovery is accessible to team members and business users no matter their skills or technical knowledge with guides and recommendations to allow for easy integration and preparation of data.

Augmented Data Preparation allows business users to access, extract and prepare date on their own with clear insight into the sources and methods so that the outcome meets requirements. In the past, data preparation was a complex process of Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL), with restricted access to data warehouses and data marts, so if a business user needed data, they had to put in a request to the IT staff and would nearly always experience a delay in data delivery.

Today’s businesses don’t have the time or budget to provide unlimited IT resources and the fast pace of business and market changes has made it difficult to satisfy the day-to-day data requirements of business users.

ETL for business users and Self-Serve Augmented Data Preparation provides a set of sophisticated tools that is specifically designed for business users with ease-of-use and intuitive tools that allow access by business users to explore, manipulate and merge data sources, without advanced skills or training.

THAT is what I mean by Self-Serve Data Preparation. So, step right up to the buffet of data in your organization and get what you need, when you need it, with easy to use, sophisticated tools that will walk you through the entire experience. You’ll love it!

Here is how to get started: Self-Serve Data Prep