Nearly every organization has BI tools, but not every organization takes the Smarten approach to business intelligence. The components of the Smarten approach include self-serve data preparation and Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis, both of which (when combined with Smart Visualization and Advanced Data Discovery tools) provide a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, solution that supports business users and data scientists alike.

Self-Service Data Preparation allows business users to perform data preparation and test theories and hypotheses by prototyping on their own. Users are not restricted to complex tools or forced to wait for programmers or data scientists. Plug and Play predictive analysis helps the average business user to leverage sophisticated predictive algorithms without the expertise and skill of a trained data scientist, so users who are not statisticians or predictive algorithm experts, can leverage self-service plug n’ play predictive tools to confidently make business decisions.

The Smarten approach to business intelligence is reflected in the ElegantJ BI solution and its innovative approach to self-serve BI tools. ElegantJ BI has been recognized and listed in numerous Gartner market guides and reports.

The Smarten approach to BI tools includes components that support visual analytics and decision-making. Find out more about Smarten now!