Assisted Predictive Modeling Lets Business Users Plan & Forecast with Confidence!

When businesses take on the task of forecasting and planning, it is important to provide the tools to go through this process at all levels with data integrated from the various systems and databases across the enterprise and to provide simple tools for all users that can be adopted and used to take on the various tasks and responsibilities involved in planning and accurate forecasting.

Predictive modeling is crucial to the success of every business. You want to have enough inventory but not too much. You want to plan for seasonal and special events to be sure you have the resources and staff at a store to satisfy demand and to make sure the shelves are stocked. You want to anticipate customer buying behavior and create marketing messages to target specific customers, bundling products that customers will want to buy together, and spending money on expanding resources or locations in the right places geographically and within the organization to be sure that you can optimize available funding and spend money on the right things.

Assisted Predictive Modeling solutions can help business users with average skills by allowing them access to the analytical tools they need and providing easy-to-use features that offer guidance on which analytical techniques to use on a particular type of data or to achieve the right type of results to help users make accurate, fact-based decisions.

Predictive analytics is no longer the sole territory of data scientists and IT. Because of competitive market shifts and the rapid changes toward data democratization within an enterprise, it is important to provide the right tools for your business users including predictive analytics, Self-Serve Data Preparation and Smart Data Visualization and to ensure that the solution you choose is appropriate for users who may not be analysts or have professional analytical skills.

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