Your Business Will Soar with Self-Serve Data Prep & Predictive Analysis Software

Soar with Self-Serve Data Prep & Predictive Analysis Tools

If your organization is implementing self-serve business intelligence, it is important to balance sophisticated tools with the skills of the average business user. While algorithms and advanced data analysis are a great benefit, if business users find these tools daunting, they won’t adopt them, and you won’t improve productivity, or timeliness or accuracy of decision-making.

The Smarten approach to predictive analysis tools and self-serve data prep is suitable for every user. These tools ensure that decisions are made with up-to-date information and that the average business user can prepare and analyze data using tools that makes analysis clear and concise!

Smarten tools provide comprehensive, easy-to-use tools for every business user and form the foundation of the ElegantJ BI business intelligence solution. ElegantJ BI has been recognized and listed in numerous Gartner market guides and reports.

Find out more about the Smarten approach to advanced analytics, and how it can help you achieve your objectives.