Can Plug & Play Predictive Analytics Help Business Users Function Effectively?

Plug n' Play Predictive Analytics Helps Business Users

Plug & Play Predictive Analytics is not an exotic process that is limited to data scientists or IT staff. Plug & play predictive analysis is so named because it really is a plug and play process. This type of predictive analytics tool is designed to be accessible and usable by business users.

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business landscape, no enterprise can afford to wait for clear, concise information. No team member can be expected to achieve peak performance if they have to wait for business intelligence and clear analysis and information. Often, the process of submitting predictive analytics requests can be cumbersome and much is lost in the translation. Users wait for data, only to find that the data is incomplete or out-of-date or that they forgot certain parameters or critical factors and that they must start again.

A good Predictive Analytics Tool offers Assisted Predictive Modeling with guidelines and auto-recommendations to help the user develop an approach to forecasting and planning and obtain clear data that will answer questions and clarify direction. This type of predictive analytics for business users will ensure that the process is simple and clear so users can do a better job of predicting outcomes, revenue targets, planning for new locations, new products and other critical business initiatives.

Predictive Analysis Software with sophisticated, easy-to-use tools can significantly improve time-to-market, and ensure that forecasts and predictions are more accurate and that each business user is working with and sharing clear, actionable data.

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