If You Work with Numbers, You Need Analytics!

Analytics Can Take Tally ERP to the Next Level

When you tell someone you work in a finance-related position, their eyes might glaze over. They picture you ‘counting beans’. Whether you work in inventory management, purchasing, accounting, enterprise finance or any other related position, your job can seem mysterious (and even boring) to many people. But, yours is the lifeblood of the organization.

If the business does not understand its expenses, where and how it generates revenue, who its most important customers are, where it can save money on suppliers and supply chain, how to manage inventory, how to avoid expensive tax issues and messy statutory and regulatory reporting mistakes – well, all of those things relate to money, don’t they? And money is what makes the organization run (or fail).

As a numbers and money manager, you will doubtless use a software solution like Tally ERP. These solutions manage finance-related, accounting and other functions by enabling data entry and reporting. But, what if you could go beyond this simple day-to-day workflow, take all that data contained in the system and analyze it to spot trends, issues and opportunities and to truly understand what is going on, what if you could report across modules and do so in a way that produces insightful information rather than columns of data you have to explain to your clients and colleagues?

What true nuggets of information are hidden in that data, beneath the surface, or on the other side of the organization? What if you could add value to your organization, and to your own role in the enterprise by providing advice and counsel instead of numbers?

Analytics Can Take Tally ERP to the Next Level

With the right integrated analytical tools, you CAN do all of that and more with key performance indicators (KPIs), ledger, shipping and distribution, cost center, and banking support and more. If you are a Tally user, you can leverage powerful analytical tools to add value to your organization and take a proactive role in results. AND, your business can evaluate the solution for free. Find out more about SmartenApps For Tally analytics. Contact Us to today to find out how SmartenApps for Tally can help you achieve your goals.

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