Embedded BI Improves Results, User Adoption and Data Democratization!

Embedded BI Brings More Value to Analytics

If you are considering business intelligence and self-serve analytics for your organization, it is important to a) focus on the numerous benefits of this approach to data management and decision-making and b) to research and select the right type of business intelligence tools to achieve your goals.

In this article, we focus on the benefits of choosing embedded BI as an analytics solution.

‘If a user can access analytics using embedded BI, they can perform queries within an enterprise app and analyze the data to gain insight and add value.’

Let’s begin with some interesting statistics that will help you understand how businesses with existing embedded BI programs responded to a survey:

  • 92% of application teams report an increase in competitive differentiation because of embedded analytics.
  • 93% of application teams say embedded analytics improves their user experience.
  • 94% of application teams report higher customer satisfaction due to embedded analytics.

Here are some of the many benefits of taking the embedded BI approach:

Choose Embedded BI and Enjoy Numerous Benefits

Return on Investment (ROI)

When you acquire software or deploy a solution throughout your organization, you want to be sure that you are getting a good return on investment (ROI). Choosing a solution that is easy-to-use and quick to install means that your team can employ the solution right away and begin to achieve results, including productivity and collaboration. The embedded BI platform allows your users to leverage analytical tools from within a familiar enterprise application, using a single sign-on. Because it is designed to avoid the ‘analytics in a silo’ problem, it encourages your users to adopt the solution and ensures that the solution won’t sit on the shelf.

Data Democratization

If you want to do more with less, if time-to-market is important to you, then you definitely want to take a self-serve business intelligence approach – one that will ensure that your users like and will use the application so that you can democratize data across the enterprise. By making the right information available to every team member, so they don’t have to wait for reports to be produced by IT or by a data scientist. By providing data for decision-making, the organization can ensure data democratization, encourage data literacy and ensure that the organization is making confident, effective decisions and avoiding the trap of guesswork and opinion.

Data-Driven Organization

Use embedded BI to build a data-driven organization. No one wants to make the wrong decision but if your users don’t have the right information, or if that information is buried within numerous data sources, you are less likely to make the right choices. When business users have to ask for data from IT or from a business analyst, they may not receive results right away or, by the time they DO receive results, it may be too late. If a user can access analytics using embedded BI, they can perform queries within an enterprise app and analyze the data to gain insight and add value to the management team. Drive your organizational results and competitive strategies with facts!

User Adoption

Your users already have access to a lot of information in their favorite enterprise applications, but you can further expand their understanding of results by allowing them to analyze data within these enterprise applications. Business users do not want a new solution that is hard to learn and use. They already have too much work to do. If you give them a tool that is embedded within a solution they know and use, they are more likely to leverage that tool to perform tasks, search data and create and share reports with others, thereby encouraging continuous improvement and collaboration.

Integration for OEM Partners

If you have a software product, your organization can use embedded BI to add value to existing customers and to attract new customers with features and functionality that your competitors do not have. Analytics can be beneficial in all types of software solution use, and can vastly improve the bottom line. Consider embedded BI with integration APIs to add analytics without adding the burden of investment, resources and time to your organization and team. It is cost-effective and easier than you think!

‘It is important to focus on the numerous benefits of embedded BI and to research and select the right tools to achieve your goals.’

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